Another song from Umlomo, the band with the annoying Song Titles, #51 was the song that first grabbed me, this ones really growing on me now, brilliant.

I found this last night hunting through youtube, What a beautiful song, I love it

Young Heretics were a musical duo based in Melbourne, Victoria, formed in 2009. The project comprises Kitty Hart and her half-brother, The Getaway Plan frontman Matthew Wright.[2]

I’m feeling a very cool energy from this song. It’s from a band called Umlomo, I know nothing about them apart from they don’t give any of their songs titles and they was recorded in london.

I know I haven’t got room to talk when I’m in a band called “The Anonymous”, maybe thats part of the mystery.

if your trying to build a following or your thinking of gigging, maybe a personal touch might go a long way and give people that like your music something to connect to.

Apart from that though loving the east coast, surf, alternitive feel this band have.

Song #51 … Read the rules at


Love This song, A little Demo from a guy Ricky Carr from Petersburg Florida, Love the hook and the build, I like a few of his songs but this was the first one that grabbed my attention. reminds me of a Blink 182, Snow Patrol cross. I really think it works well. I find it really fresh & full of enthusiasm.

Love this track, A version of a 1987 Prince song from the album “Sign ‘O’ The times

The Revolution Is Unsigned.: Tip for unsigned bands; Trying to sell people meet and greet “VIP”...


Tip for unsigned bands;
Trying to sell people meet and greet “VIP” tickets for twice the price of a standard ticket when they have to meet you to pick up the tickets is hilarious.

No merch is better than bad merch, bad quality tshirts, blank CDs etc make it look like you don’t care…